SDI Programs

SDI Brave Space dialogue: 

Recent discussions on college campuses regarding student holistic wellness, has focused on safe spaces. The history behind the term safe space describes the necessity of different types of environments that students feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe and secure. Brave Space Dialogue is the next level of engagement; to draw attention to various issues students encounter within the campus community by constructive conversation.

A Brave Space environment contains five main elements: 

(1) Controversy with civility: where varying opinions are accepted.

(2) Owning intentions and impacts: in which students acknowledge and discuss instances where a dialogue has affected the emotional well-being of another person.

(3) Challenge by choice: where students have an option to step in and out of challenging conversations.

(4) Respect: where students show respect for one another’s basic personhood.

(5) No attacks: where students agree not to intentionally inflict harm on one another.  

Dates & Topics of Brave Space Dialogues for this Semester are as follows:

Episode 3: February 6th Colorism: The Root of Skin Tone Discrimination

Episode 4: March 27th Sexual Assault: The Realities of Sexual Assault on College Campus

Episode 5: April 24th Immigration Reform

All Brave Space Dialogues will be in Student Union Meeting Room 2 @ 6pm

Diversity Documentary Film Series

The monthly viewing of diversity films & food followed by intentional discussions to address topics of diversity, including, but not limited to, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and abilities with an emphasis on intersectionality. This programming is an exceptional opportunity for a multicultural experience and open dialogue. 
This semester films are as follows:

January 23rd "If These Halls Could Talk" Student Union, Meeting Room 2 @ 6pm

Eleven students from different backgrounds share their experiences as minorities attending predominantly white colleges. This film provides insight into why students and faculty of color often leave higher education and how to address conflicts and misunderstandings about race and diversity on campus.

February 7th "The Hate You Give" Student Union Theater @ 8pm

Starr Carter is constantly switching between two worlds -- the poor, mostly black neighborhood where she lives and the wealthy, mostly white prep school that she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is soon shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend at the hands of a police officer. Facing pressure from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and decide to stand up for what's right.

March 6th "The Hunting Ground" Student Union, Meeting Room 2 @ 6pm

This documentary shines a light on the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses and the experiences of victims, with particular focus on cases in which institutions did not adequately respond. Particularly important for college administrators and faculty, this film discusses Title IX guidelines and demonstrates common disparities between sexual assaults and other, lesser campus violations.

April 10th "Documented" Student Union, Meeting Room 2 @ 6pm

The topic of undocumented immigrants in America is the focus of this documentary. It was written, produced and directed by Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist who revealed his own undocumented status in The New York Times Magazine in 2011. In the film, he chronicles his move to the United States from the Philippines as a child, as well as his present-day advocacy for immigration reform.