Geoscience Facilities — Geochemistry Research Lab

The Stable-Isotope Geochemistry Lab is designed to study environmental and geological problems using light isotopes.  Our department offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work in the Geochemistry Research Laboratory during their junior and/or senior year. The laboratory is directed by Dr Weimin Feng.  

Geosciences students participating in senior thesis in their junior and senior years are welcome to work in the lab for their research topics, which includes monitoring of CO2 level and source monitoring in variety of settings, and carbon and oxygen isotope signatures from CO2 derived from other carbon and oxygen bearing geological materials

Stable isotope lab houses one LGR CCIA 36EP CO2 isotope analyzer (see below). This instrument is capable of analyzing carbon and oxygen isotope compositions, and CO2 concentrations in air samples.  A vacuum system is also under development.  .

geo lab 1

LGR CCIA 36EP CO2 isotope Analyzer



geo lab 2

Vacuum System Under Development