Letter from the Department Head

The Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies offers a dual track B.A. degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies. We also offer minors in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Ethics. We also have an interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Studies that would complement fields of study in Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice and more. If you are interested in becoming one of our majors or minors, please come see Dr. Frederick Downing, our Department Head, 2009 Georgia Author of the Year Award winner in Creative Non-Fiction, Biography for his book on Elie Wiesel. 

What can a Philosophy & Religious Studies degree can do for you? 

Well, there are several important skills this degree provides that will help you in your career, such as: critical and objective thinking, clear and effective writing skills, the ability to present a convincing case, organizational & analytical skills, and political awareness. Please see what some of our alumni are doing with their degrees. We also provide some helpful links that entail careers and other related topics that could be beneficial for you. We have a video describing the benefits of our Core classes, Fundamentals of Philosophy, Logic, and World Religions.

How do I get involved with students in this major? 

There are plenty of ways to get involved with other Philosophy & Religious Studies majors.  Our Senior Capstone Symposium is the major annual event that occurs every Spring Semester. The Symposium is a presentation of students' semester-long work and their final papers. Please take a moment to view Dr. Christine James' site and Dr. Ari Santas' site.