Design Services

Maintaining a professional image that reflects a consistent style is key. Well-written and attractively designed publications will grab people’s attention.

What We Do

Creative Service’s mission is to conceptualize, design, and produce solutions that communicate Valdosta State’s message in the most effective and creative methods. We will work closely with you to ensure that your marketing materials are eye-catching and tailored to your intended audience, while also supporting the mission and visual identity standards of Valdosta State. Producing a good publication is both an art and a science. The art is getting across your marketing message to a target group. The science is a series of closely related, sequential steps, each playing a crucial role in the creation of your publication.

Types of Publications

We work on all types of artwork for everything from billboards to stationery items for the university. Other types of publications include:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Postcards
  • Invitations

External vs. Internal Publications

External publications going to potential students and parents are our main focus. Our goal is to help the university and it’s different colleges and departments as a whole create visually appealing and consistent marketing publications. We will be happy to assist with internal publications as well that market to internal students, but our first priority goes to external marketing.

On-Campus Printing

Stay in-house and get your projects designed and printed on campus. We can help you set-up artwork needed for your project with the industry standards for printing such as CMYK with crop and bleed. All design work requested by any campus office must be submitted to Creative Services for approval before printing only if going to an external audience. Please contact Creative Services first before designing and laying out your publication if it’s going out to an external market. If your publication does not meet the university’s visual identity standards when you submit your project for approval, it will need to be re-designed by our office and may push back your timeline for project completion. See the university’s Visual Identity Guide for publication guidelines. Also, in accordance with university procedures, all printing must be submitted to our on-campus Print Shop. If our Print Shop is unable to print your project because of the needed date or size restrictions, the Print Shop will assist you in finding an external vendor to help complete your project. These conditions must be met regardless of funding source.

Submitting A New Project

Smaller projects, such as stationery, flyers, and web graphics, can take around 3+ weeks for completion, and larger projects, such as brochures, booklets, etc., can take up to 6+ weeks. Keep in mind if you need new photos taken your project may take longer to complete. Get a head start and submit a Photo Request in advance for any new photos needed for your publication. We have a work flow based on the order we receive design requests, but our first priority for the university is marketing to potential students. Please contact Creative Service’s project coordinator at 229-333-5980 to start your project request and get a more specific turn around time. When submitting a new project request we will need:

Service Request

A Service Request is only needed if your design is being printed (excludes magazine ads and external printing). We do not need a Service Request for web designs. A Service Request is needed for the cost of printing. There is no charge for design and set-up from Creative Services. Complete the online Service Request Form, sign (two signatures required), and submit to Creative Services Project Coordinator either by email or through campus mail. Please read over our Service Request Form Guide for help with completing the form.

Creative Content

Our preferred format for content to be sent to us is in a Word Document. We will also accept PDF files that the text can be copied and pasted from. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher files. Remember to keep your audience in mind when writing your content for external marketing. For help and tips on improving your marketing message check out our unit's Content Services. Any photos you are submitting to be used within your publication must not be copyrighted (most likely if downloaded from the web) and also be 300 dpi for printing and 72 dpi if being used on the web for appropriate image size and quality. In addition, we cannot use photos that have been embedded in documents. We will need the original images sent to us via email, dropping off a jump drive by our office, or sending through a Dropbox link or through We can assist you in finding images from the university’s stock image account or from our catalog of photos kept on file. High resolution images are also available for download and use through the university's Flickr account. If you would like our university photographer to take new photos for your project please complete our Photo Request Form.

Size Needed

For certain items like posters, postcards, etc., we can help you choose the best size for your project, but for other jobs, such as magazine ads, billboards, and web ads, we will need the specific size required.