EP Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to lend external feedback regarding the didactic and clinical preparation of undergraduate students for a career in Exercise Physiology and other allied health professions.  Members of the advisory board serve on a voluntary basis and function as expert and experienced advisers from pertinent occupational backgrounds.    

The advisory board must assemble at least once per year.  However, a special session may be requested by any board member as warranted.  The advisory board may convene in the traditional in person format or by teleconference. Minutes of all meetings are recorded and maintained.

Annual Meeting: September 2015 (Date TBA)

Advisory Board Members:


Sarah Comparato, BSEP, BSN, RN

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Tallahassee, FL



Traci Gosier, BSSM

Health Promotion Coordinator

South Health District

Department of Public Health

Valdosta, GA



Austin Grant, BSEP, CSCS, ACSM-EP-C

Training Director

Kinetix Sports Performance

Valdosta, GA



Amanda Moore, DPT, OT, BSEP, MTC, CertDN, ART, CKTP

Sutherland Physical Therapy

Valdosta, GA

Sarah Fretti Thomas, MS, ACSM-RCEP, ACSM-CEP

Clinical Coordinator/Instructor

Exercise Physiology Program

Valdosta State University

Valdosta, GA