Welcome to the Economics major page at the Langdale College of Business Administration at Valdosta State University. We are really excited that you are interested in our major. Since there is a growing need for economic analyses in every industry, we believe that it is a great time to major in economics.

What is economics? Economics is the study of how resources are used to meet society’s needs. It is an essential aspect of virtually every decision individuals, businesses, and governments make. Students who pursue a B.B.A degree in Economics develop the analytical and problem solving skills needed to make these decisions.

What do economists do? Economics is FUN, and economists study a wide range of topics, from the usual suspects of GDP, inflation, national debt, and unemployment to the environment, health care, crime and punishment, marriage, addiction, sports, voting behavior, government programs, education, religion, discrimination, and basically any type of human behavior.

The economics major is an excellent complement to many other majors, including other business majors. A second major in economics will tremendously improve your potential for success no matter what career path you follow, as the skills developed in the economics major have value in any setting. Therefore, we encourage you to consider economics to supplement your skill set. Please feel free to contact any of the VSU economics faculty if you have any questions about the major.

Academic Opportunities – Undergraduate

Academic Opportunities – Graduate
The Langdale College of Business offers several traditional and online MBA programs.  Select Langdale College of Business Graduate Programs for more information.

Study Abroad
Business students are encouraged to participate in the numerous study abroad opportunities offered at Valdosta State University, including the Germany and Turkey programs led by Langdale College of Business faculty.  Study abroad scholarships are available for business majors.  Select Langdale College of Business Study Abroad Programs for more information.

Opportunities for Involvement and Leadership
The Langdale College offers opportunities for professional development and networking through our various student organizations. Select Langdale College of Business Student Organizations for information about all Langdale College of Business student organizations.

The Langdale College of Business awards over 65 scholarships to business majors each year.  Current students, may apply through the Financial Aid link in their Banner account by submitting the VSU General Scholarship application.  The annual deadline is March 1st. New freshman should select business or a specific business major when applying to VSU. Select Langdale College of Business Scholarships for more information. 

Internships and Career Opportunities
The Langdale College of Business Career Strategies Center offers services for career development, internships and job search assistance.  Select Langdale College of Business Career Strategies Center for more information.

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