Graduate Writing Resources

Writing Resources for Graduate Students: Two options

  1. Levi White, MA candidate in English, is your peer tutor for writing across disciplines. Levi provides feedback on organization, clarity, grammar, and documentation style. It is beneficial for all writers to have a compassionate peer to help you develop and clearly explain your ideas, and that’s what Levi does.
  • To make an appointment, just call the ASC (229-333-7570) and ask for Levi White.

2. Use ThinkingStorm’s Writing Center. This 24/7, online resource uses professional tutors to offer feedback on development, organization, clarity, grammar and documentation style.  The following directions allow you to choose either Levi for a face-to-face, in-person meeting in the Odum Library, or to submit an essay draft for review to ThinkingStorm.


You can access ThinkingStorm online tutors by following the steps below:

1. Go to BlazeView.

2. Click on the FREE TUTORING link:

3. Click on the gold ThinkingStorm START NOW button.

4.   Choose from ANY of the options, and then follow the directions.


If you have any questions about online tutoring, please feel free to contact ThinkingStorm's support team:

Academic Support Center Contact info:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (229)-333-7570 (M – Th 9am -7pm, F 9am-3pm, Sunday 3m-7pm).

To make an appt. with a face-to-face tutor in Odum Library, click the RED “start now” button on the VSU side (left side), and follow these same directions.  Or just call us!