Resources for Faculty

At VSU's Academic Support Center, we foster learning as a collaborative process designed to help students

  • Build their academic stamina
  • Play a responsible and proactive role in their own education.

Sample Syllabus Statement

Extra Help with Coursework
The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers all VSU students free peer tutoring in core curriculum courses, including math, writing (any subject), chemistry, biology, foreign languages and more. Please bring your assignments, textbooks, and homework to tutoring sessions. Also available are free, one-hour seminars for help with study skills, time management, and a variety of other topics. Visit our office on the main campus, located in Odum Library,2nd floor, or call 229-333-7570 for an appointment. We also offer 24/7 access to ThinkingStorm, a professional, online tutoring company. To make appointments for either VSU tutors or ThinkinSorm tutors, click the link “Free Tutoring” in Blazeview (under “resources” or “more.”).

Request for a Presentation

Presentations can be conducted for your class either in the ASC (limit of 40 students) or in your classroom. The following is a partial list of presentation available for scheduling.

Academic Goal Setting and Role (Time) Management

Learn how to make the most of the time you have every week to study and prepare for classes while  still having time for fun. 

How to set short term, medium term and long term academic and professional goals. Learn how to connect your goals and develop action steps to achieve them.

Active Listening, Note-taking and Class Participation

Improve on your in class listening skills, better ways to take and organize class notes and tips for class participation. How to use your notes effectively outside of class.

Coping in College

Learn coping strategies for the transition to college, including homesickness, conflicts (with roommates, etc), stress, work/life/school balance, personal/sexual health, etc.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Learn why you think the way you think and question your assumptions. Find out how to separate good information from bad and use that to improve your written and oral arguments.

Learn how to think in new and creative ways.

Partnering with Faculty

How to communicate effectively with faculty members: in writing (email), on the phone and face to face. Make your instructors your allies not your enemies 

Personal Finance

Learn how to make and keep to a budget. Find out how to manage your credit cards and develop strong credit history and scores.