Our Team

Department Title Name Email
Director Director of Financial Aid Douglas Tanner


Associate Director Associate Director Chad Daugherty cndaugherty@valdosta.edu
Customer Service
Customer Service Operations Manager Wanda Stracener wstracen@valdosta.edu
Process Operations
Process Operations Manager Julian Vickers jvickers@valdosta.edu
  Process Operations Assistant Madison Bridges mnbridges@valdosta.edu

Maranda Titus

Counselor Tanja Rouse trouse@valdosta.edu
Loans Assistant Director / Loan Coordinator Sandra Griffin sgriffin@valdosta.edu
  Loan Counselor Gwen Manning gemanning@valdosta.edu
  Financial Aid Assistant I Jessica Deal jnbowen@valdosta.edu
HOPE / Scholarships Assistant Director / Scholarship / HOPE Coordinator Donnell Davis dodavis@valdosta.edu
  HOPE / Scholarship Assistant Sharon Mashburn scarter@valdosta.edu
Work Study Work Study Coordinator Leroy Trower lrtrower@valdosta.edu
Veteran's Affairs Veteran's Affairs Coordinator Sandra DiPietro


  Veteran's Affairs Assistant Tanya Fontaine tsfontaine@valdosta.edu
Financial Aid Assistants      
Financial Aid Assistant I Teresa Lohr tclohr@valdosta.edu
Financial Aid Assistant I Amy Strickland amystrickland@valdosta.edu
 Reception Area Financial Aid Assistant I Jean Smith sjsmith@valdosta.edu
  Financial Aid Assistant I Patricia Thomas patrthomas@valdosta.edu

When contacting our department, please avoid attaching any documents to your email. Due to security concerns, we ask instead that you submit documents to our office via Our verification system, fax, U.S. Mail, or hand-delivery.

Office of Financial Aid Code of Conduct