Service in the Senate

Student Government Senators are tasked with representing a diverse Blazer Nation of over 11,000 Blazers. As an organization, Senators work in tandem with the SGA Executive Branch to ensure #VState students feel seen, heard and valued.

The senate has the unique responsibility of writing legislation expressing the official position of the student body. Senators also have the opportunity to weigh in on important decisions affecting students. The SGA Senate is also the most informed group of students on campus as SGA receives consistent updates from all university stakeholders. 

Within the organization, Senators are able to specialize in different areas in which they are passionate through service on focused committees.

These committees currently include:

  • Campus Wellness: focused on mental and physical wellness of all students.
  • Safety/Parking: focused on all issues including campus safety and parking.
  • Campus Life: focused on betting campus life for all students.
  • Special Resolutions: focused on writing resolutions for various issues.
  • Graduate Committee: made up of five Graduate Senators that focus on students obtaining their Graduate Degrees. 
  • Strategic Communication Committee: focused on marketing efforts of SGA through social media, graphics, and other means.
  • Blazer Allocation Committee: focused on managing the Blazer allocation account
  • Senators can also find leadership roles within the Senate through both appointment and election. Many SGA Senators also serve alongside faculty and staff on various University Committees


  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Full Time Enrollment
  • Good Standing with the Office of Student Conduct
  • Attendance at weekly SGA Meetings.
  • Five monthly service hours (on average opportunity for 20 hours each month. Opportunities for earning hours are largely flexible)

Opportunities for Entry:

  • Qualification and election in Spring election.
  • Filling of Vacancy through application, petition, and senate approval.
  • Election in fall new student election.