Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGA?

SGA is the voice of the students on the VSU campus. SGA plans events and activities for the student body, along with creating legislation that will make everyone's college experience, both socially and academically, as good as it can possibly be.

What does SGA DO?

SGA acts as a planning body as well as a legislative body to make the VSU experience the best that it can be. SGA plans events for the students like cookouts and forums and members of SGA also speak on behalf of the students at University events and functions. SGA members also provide student representation on different Faculty, Staff, and Administrative boards and committees and also creates legislation that helps benefit the student body.

Who Can Be Apart Of SGA?

All enrolled VSU students who have paid their student activity fees are eligible to become members of the SGA. All Members must meet the requirements as prescribed in Article IV Section 2.d and Article VIII of the current SGA Constitution, along with Article V of the current SGA By-Laws.

How Do You JOIN SGA?

There are a few ways that you can join SGA. If you are interested in becoming an SGA Senator you may run in the annual fall elections (if you are a freshman), and the annual spring elections (if you are an upperclassman or graduate student). If you are interested in becoming a Senator after the fall and spring elections you may come to a Senate meeting, held Mondays during the fall and spring semesters, and be nominated by a current Senator. Those wishing to become a member of the SGA Executive board must run for the office in which they seek during the annual spring elections.


Senators serve from the time that they are elected or appointed, until the annual spring elections when the next Senator elections are held. All members of the Executive Branch serve from the time of their election in the spring, until the next spring election one year later. For more information, visit the Documentation page and review the current SGA Constitution and By-Laws.