Campus Classrooms

Although the technology and layout of classrooms may vary throughout campus, VSU classrooms provide learning environments equipped with presenter workstations that are outfitted with a computer, AV unit, and projector system that allows users to share online and local computer content and videos and presentations. Some classrooms may be equipped with document cameras and DVDs as well.

VSU classrooms support XPanel software, Extron, and Kramer hardware.


XPanel is a software that is used to control all A/V components such as the projector, sound and input devices associated with the classroom. The XPanel software can be accessed from the presenter workstation desktop icon and from the Crestron unit. This video tutorial covers the basic procedures for utilizing the XPanel technology available in most campus classrooms. 


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Extron and Kramer

Extron is hardware that replaces the XPanel software in some classrooms. It controls the A/V components associated with the classroom such as the projector and allows you to switch between input devices (PC, laptop or document camera when available), adjusts or mute audio and even selects a privacy mode for instances when you do not wish to display the onscreen information to your audience.

Kramer hardware allows users to use personal devices such as iPhones, Android, and PCs to wirelessly connect to the system to present and collaborate. For more convenience, you may choose to install the Kramer VIA mobile app that is available at Google Play and the Windows Store or use AirPlay for iOS devices. *Read Kramer Notes


1. BYOD Wireless Collaboration
2. HD Video Streaming
3. Multi-Display Presentation
4. HDMI Input
5. Dynamic Display Layout
6. Collaboration Notes
7. Team Collaboration

Reference the Extron & Kramer guide and view the video below to learn how to connect to the Kramer VIA system.


  • When connecting to Kramer VIA, use the provided Room Name (ex. and not the IP address.
  • When using iOS devices (i.e., iPads or iPhones), it is recommended that you use Apple AirPlay instead of the Kramer Via mobile app to connect. Otherwise, if you use the Kramer Via mobile app and need to minimize the app, your connection to Kramer may be lost.
  • Not all Key Kramer Features may be available.
  • Audio for Android devices is currently not supported, but coming soon. 

Classrooms that include the Extron and Kramer technologies include: 

  • West Hall (Extron and Kramer)
    • 1207
    • 1208
    • 2107
    • 2108
    • 2203
    • 2206
    • 2208
    • 2213
    • 2309
    • 3205
    • 3206
    • 3207

  • Bailey Science Center (Extron and Kramer)
    • 2020
    • 2021

  • CAC Building (Kramer only)
    • 1014  
  • Odum Library (Extron and Kramer)
    • 1470
    • 1480
    • 1160
  • Health Sciences and Business Administration Building (Kramer only)
    • 4106

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