ID Photo Submission

Due to the campus closure and move to online/virtual orientation sessions for incoming Fall 2020 freshmen, the 1Card photo submission and distribution processes have been temporarily altered.  Please review the information below before submitting the required 1Card photo and verification ID.  If your photo is approved and your identity verified, the card will be printed and mailed to the permanent address listed in Banner.  The deadline to submit your photos is July 10th. 

If you are unsure of your MyVSU account information or need to reset your password, please visit the MyVSU Password Reset Utility.

Your initial VSU 1Card is free-of-charge; a $20.00 fee will be charged for all replacements.  

Photo Submission Guidelines

Your photo must meet ALL criteria or it will be rejected:

~The photo should look like one of the "allowed" photo examples below.

~Recent, full-color photos only with a solid white (or very light-colored) background, such as a blank wall or piece of plain poster board.  Stand approximately three (3) feet from the camera.  No door frames, window blinds, trees, etc.

~Make sure you have proper lighting so your face is clearly recognizable; eyes must be completely open and visible.

~Face forward and do not tilt your head.  Your entire face/head must be clearly visible (no profile shots, sunglasses, non-prescription glasses, headbands, earbuds, hats, etc).  

~This photo is strictly for identification purposes and must fit in the available space on your 1Card (in the style of a driver's license or passport photo).  Do not submit "fashion" shots, filtered photos, social media photos, or edited (Photoshopped) images.  PHOTO SHOULD BE CROPPED FROM THE COLLARBONE TO THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD.

~The student must be the only person in the photo and nothing should be touching/obstructing the face (hair, hands, graphics, etc.).


~Prescription glasses may be worn; however, there should be no reflections from the eyeglasses that obscure your eyes. 

~No professional or copyright photos will be accepted (including school/graduation photos).

~Image should be in a .jpg format.  Ideal size: between 1 Megabyte (MB) and 3 Megabytes (MB).

~The key requirement for a VSU 1Card is that the photo clearly identifies the student.*

*The VSU 1Card is used at on-campus/off-campus locations to identify the cardholder as the person to whom plans, privileges, access, and accounts have been assigned.  If you cannot be clearly identified by the photo on your 1Card, services may be denied.

Photo Submission Examples:

Photo Submission Examples

VSU Online Photo Upload Portal

Online Photo Portal Login

*South Georgia State College Students

South Georgia College Students must visit the VSU 1Card office to have their picture taken and 1Card made in person. 

  • Please make sure that you have your VSU ID number (9-digit number that begins with 870)
  • Two (2) forms of identification are required in order to obtain a VSU 1Card.  The first must be a government-issued photo ID- driver's license, passport, military ID, or state-issued identification card; the second must be something with your name pre-printed on it (credit/debit card, insurance card, pay stub, etc.).

**Students who are registered for online-only courses are not required to have a VSU 1Card.  Please see the "Obtaining a 1Card" link on this website for additional information concerning an Online Student ID card.

By submitting the required photos (and any supporting documents), you are indicating that you accept the 1Card Terms and Conditions.