Environmental Issues Committee

Members of EIC
Nancy A. Sartin (COEHS) Chair Elect Tanya Lee (COBA) 
Theresa Grove (A&S) Tim Brunt  (COSA)
Arsalan Wares (A&S), Chair Esther Iverson (COA)
Sebastian Bartos  (A&S) Vicki Wetter (CONHS)
Lois Bellflowers (CONHS) Cindy Tori (COBA)
Brad Bergstrom (A&S) Jeremy Bauer (COEHS)
Jennifer Breneiser (COEHS)  Scott Piepenburg (LIB)
Tommy Crane (COA) 

Steve Scheuler (LIB)

Luke Jones (COBA)

Ex officio:

Jason Allard (A&S)

Traycee Martin (VP for Finance and Administration)

Ray Sable (Director of Plant Operations)

Meredith Lancaster (Environmental Officer)

Ron Seacrist (Director of University Police)

Jill Ferrell Rountree (Director of Parking and Transportation)

Helena Krumbacher (SGA)