• Audio/Video Material

    CD-R 1.00 per disk
    DVD-R 1.50 per disk
    Mini-DV 3.00 per tape
    VHS Tapes 1.50 per tape
    60 Minute Audio Tape 0.60 per cassette
    90 Minute Audio Tape 0.70 per cassette
  • Binding

    Materials                                 Price
    Spiral Bindings 0.50 each (with Covers)
    0.25 each (without Covers)
    Velo Bindings 1.00 each (with Covers)
    0.75 each (without Covers)

  • Conversion

    *Academic projects are free for the first copy *Follow prices for additional copies
    VHS/Mini-DV to DVD 2.00 per hour
    VHS/Mini-DV/DVD/CD to Digital Format 2.00 per hour
    *5 items or more will incur a $10 service fee along with the prices shown above.
    *Editing of digital formats will incur a $15 per hour service charge along with the prices shown above. 

  • Duplication

    *Academic projects are free for the first copy *Follow prices for additional copies
    Duplications of DVD or CD through Dub Tower 2.00 per dub or 10.00 per hour
  • 3D Printing

    PLA Filament .20 per gram
  • Poster Printing/Lamination/Presentation Board

    When printing a poster: 

    Materials                        Price
    Standard (22 x 34) Size 6.80 per poster (without lamination)
    8.90 per poster (with lamination)
    Standard (36x48) Size 16.80 per poster (no lamination available)
    Other (X by 24") Size 0.20 per linear inch
    Other (X by 42") Size 0.35 per linear inch

    *X can be any value in inches you would like for the other poster size listed above to be.
    We are limited by either a 24" roll or 42" roll size.

    Lamination Cost:

    Materials                                Price
    Linear Footage 0.70 per foot
    Business Card Laminate 0.30 per card

    *We are limited by a 24" lamination roll size. For larger posters that need to be laminated, contact Printing & Copying Services.

    Presentation Board:

    White Foam Board (24 x 36 inches) 5.00 per board
    Black Foam Board (24 x 36 inches) 6.00 per board
    Tri-Fold Board 3.00 per board
    Used Foam Board (White or Black) 2.00 per board
    Adhesive Spray 0.50 per board

    *Cutting foam board out to fit a different size will incur a service charge of 50 cents per board. 

    *Adhesive Spray cost is only charged for boards brought in separately.
  • Xerox Printing/Paper Supply

    Xerox Printing Cost (Payable via 1Card, Not Taxed):

    Paper Size                                                Price
    Color Prints (8.5 x 11) 0.25 (Single)
    0.38 (Double-Sided)
    B&W Prints (8.5 x 11) 0.05 (Single)
    0.08 (Double-Sided)
    Color Prints (11 x 17) 1.00 (Single)
    1.50 (Double-Sided)
    B&W Prints (11x17) 0.20 (Single)
    0.30 (Double-Sided)

    Paper Supply Cost (Payable via cash or check):

    Materials (8.5x11)Price
    Laser Transparencies 0.25 each
    Write-On Transparencies 0.25 each
    Gloss Paper 0.25 each
    Photo Paper 0.25 each
    Cardstock 0.05 each
    Color Paper 0.03 each

    Rates above are for VSU Patrons Only.

    Prices are subject to change. This website will be updated to reflect the latest price.

    *Jobs will incur a $10 service charge per hour along with the prices shown above for tasks that take 30 minutes or more.