Gifted in-Field Endorsement

For more information on the Gifted In-Field Endorsement program and other Online Education Programs, visit the Dewar College of Education Online Program.

Admission Overview

  • Fully online, requires no campus visits.
  • Fall, Spring, and Summer admission available.
  • Advanced education degree for teachers certified in any teaching field.
  • Upcoming deadlines
    • Spring: December 12
    • Summer: April 25
    • Fall: July 25
  • Visit the Dewar College of Education Gifted In-Field Endorsement page for
    • Admission information
    • Program of study
    • Course Descriptions
    • Link to Online Application

Program Retention/Dismissal Policy: Earning grades below “B” in graduate courses will result in the following consequences: Students admitted Fall 2011 and thereafter will be dismissed from the Graduate School if they accumulate three or more academic deficiency points unless otherwise indicated by individual program policy. A grade of “C” (although it may be credited toward a degree) equals one deficiency point. A grade of “D,” “WF” or “F,” or “U” (none of which will be credited toward a degree) equals two deficiency points. Candidates admitted BEFORE Fall 2011 and receiving two grades below “C” (“D”, “F”, “WF”,“U”) will be dismissed from the program. One grade below a "C" results in a warning.