Dr. Catherine Oglesby Portrait

Dr. Catherine Oglesby

Coordinator of Women's & Gender Studies/Professor of History

Dr. Catherine Oglesby is a Professor of History and the Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies. She received a Ph.D. in modern U.S. history from Michigan State University in 1996, an MA in history from Auburn University in 1987 and a BA in history from Tift College in 1985. She has taught at VSU since 1997. She specializes in Gilded Age and Progressive Era, in U.S. women’s history, New South, oral history, and gender studies. University Press of Florida published Corra Harris and the Divided Mind of the New South, a biography of Georgia novelist Corra Harris, and University of South Carolina Press is publishing Women’s Diaries and Letters of the South: The Progressive Era that features a chapter on Corra Harris by Dr. Oglesby. Dr. Oglesby’s research interests have ranged from mother/daughter relationships in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era to the effects of racialized violence on gender identity in the New South. Dr. Oglesby has worked collaboratively on multidisciplinary interpretations of documentary film, and pedagogical approaches to teaching historical methodology. She is interested in the uses of autobiography, oral history, and memory in historical interpretation. She has published biographical sketches on women firsts, and is working on a manuscript based an oral history interviews of women in Georgia who came of age at mid-century. Among others, she has presented her research at conferences as diverse as the American Historical Association Pacific Coast Conference, the Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians, the International Oral Historical Association Conference, the Southern Historical Association Conference, Southern Association of Women Historians Conference. She has published book reviews in the Journal of American History and the Journal of Southern History. Dr. Oglesby has published on and has used service learning in the classroom. Her teaching interests include New South; Women in the U.S. to 1869 and since 1869; Women in the U.S. South; Special Topics in History including the uses of autobiography and biography in history; Historiography and Methodology; U.S. History surveys; and courses in Women’s and Gender Studies.



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